Up Close & Personal; Julie, Chana and Chanel

Me: Hey y’all!

JC&C: Hola!

Me: Pray share your first Snorkel and Study impressions.

Chanel: It’s beautiful and exciting! I’m in shock from how nice the condos are and love how we are such a diverse group of girls from around the world… It’s so great to be with so many Jews!

Julie: Everyone is really friendly – it’s way better then I expected. I thought because it’s an orthodox program people would be condescending and judge me, so I’m pleasantly surprised how nice everyone is! ¬†Also there’s such a variety of observance and so many different Jews! Also there are no cliques here – everyone is inclusive.

Chana: At first I was really nervous, but now that I’m here I see there’s no labeling. Right away I’m getting to know girls on a personal level (which is unique!)… The atmosphere is so non-judgemental.

Me: How do you like the classes thusfar?

Julie: I like the Rabbi’s wisdom. He brings a new perspective.

Chanel: Miriam is so funny and so much fun to watch! I love her stories.

Chana: I love Miriam, she has such a great sense of humor!

Me: Thanks guys!

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