Introducing: Addy

DSC_1663Addy here reporting for blog duty.

As I sit between friends, teachers and the sea, I cannot help but smile. When these powerful women arrived, I was filled with the cultish fear that comes with freedom. Three days in, and hump day at that, I can say that my fears have been replaced with friends.

Friends who help you get your flippers on.
Friends who help you get your spirituality on.
Friends who ask “what does Torah mean for women?”
Friends who ask the hard questions.

Wondering who these friends are?

Well, there’s Katy from NJ who calls our lunch “baller” and whose experiences studying in Israel make her a go-to for spiritual questions.

Then there is Leza, a Ukrainian girl from Boston. Her raw honesty and turquoise jewelry remind me each day to be open. After class with Rabbi Friedman she remarks “this is different than anything I’ve ever experienced before, better than anything I’ve ever come across.”

There are people here for every moment, tear and laugh.

Tune in for more thoughts on women, Torah, and deep sea diving.


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