What are you doing this winter break?

Snorkel & Study - Jan 2-9, 2022 in Key Largo, Florida


Did you go on a Birthright trip to Israel and then wonder what’s next?

Do you love Friday night Shabbat meals at your Chabad House on campus?

Did you go to Pegisha or Jewfest in New York City? Amazing, right?

Have you ever wondered…what do Jews believe? What’s Israel got to do with me? Why marry Jewish? Are there rules to Jewish dating? Is abortion allowed in Judaism? Do Jews believe in astrology?

Are you ready for a phenomenal Jewish winter break adventure like no other?

Then Snorkel & Study is for you.

“I didn’t expect to meet such incredible people here. I learned so much from every single person on this trip.”
Adrienne, from Vermont

“Ok, I admit it. A week ago I thought Judaism was sexist and outdated. This was really eye-opening.” 
Brittany, Bioengineering major

“In just a couple of hours, we pulled together a craaazy talent show. My roommate sings opera!”
Katy, MBA

"Do they do this for guys? My boyfriend needs to hear this."

Lily from South Africa

"I wasn’t sure what to expect before coming – I hadn’t expected the food to be so delicious or the location to be so beautiful."
Julie, Penn State

"This was the most incredible, productive use of a winter break."
Rachel, Emory

Snorkel & Study: A Jewish Winter Break Adventure for College Women

In one week at Snorkel & Study, you’ll explore Jewish thinking, texts and traditions with A-list educators. Tan, snorkel and swim at a stunning resort in the Florida Keys. Make lasting friendships with your Jewish peers from around the world. And have candid conversations about everything from love, dating and intimacy, to souls, reincarnation, free will and abortion. You’ll find out what Jews believe, why we pray, what’s the key to happiness, and what really happened in the Garden of Eden.



With thousands of years of Jewish wisdom to tap into and world class accommodations, it’s a priceless week.

The catch: We only take one hundred students.

Fortunately, full and partial scholarships are available from generous women who want you to have a first-rate Jewish experience. All you need to do is apply.

What's on the Agenda

Expect the Unexpected

Take it all at your own pace. If you’re ready for an intense week of study, take every class on the schedule and fill in with tutorials. If you want to take it lighter, we’ll let you know which main classes you need to attend.

Whatever you do, leave your preconceptions about Judaism home, keep an open mind and don’t miss the challah baking, the farbrengens (we’ll explain) or the talent show. There are going to be lots of surprises.


From the unabridged story of Adam and Eve to medical ethics and Jewish law;

from mystical Chassidic teachings about reincarnation and the soul, to the Chassidic Feminist perspective on women’s mitzvot; from text-based Torah studies to frank discussions about love, intimacy, dating and marriage – it’s a wide range of captivating and relevant subjects taught by exceptional educators who are here to answer all your questions, in class and out.



Want to learn Hebrew in a week? Want to find out how to keep kosher? Need a crash course on ...

The Jewish holidays? Or the prayers? Got philosophical questions and need your own personal Q&A session? Whatever area of Jewish life and learning you’re interested in, from the practical to the philosophical, you can cover it in your tutorials. Sign up every day for a new topic or delve into one or two over the course of the week.

Recreation and Extras

Photo Jan 10, 1 50 42 PM

Key Largo is the diving capital of the world.

One of the best locations on the globe to go snorkeling. Your snorkeling trip is included in the program fee and in your scholarship award, so you pay nothing extra.

Mariners Resort has two serene pools, a Jacuzzi grotto and an exercise room that you can enjoy at no extra charge. Waverunning, canoeing, swimming with the dolphins, kayaking, diving and parasailing are all close by. They’re all optional and you pay separately for each.

Want to hear from a real person?

Snorkel & Study

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