Eligibility & Scholarship Awards for Snorkel & Study, Jan 2-9, 2020



You are eligible for Snorkel & Study if you are a Jewish college women who is currently enrolled in a college or university as an undergrad or grad student. You don’t need any prior formal Jewish education and you don’t need to know Hebrew to attend.

If you have any questions at all about your eligibility or if you’d like to talk to someone about whether Snorkel & Study is a good fit for you, call 800.473.4801 or email  students@snorkelandstudy.org. We’d love to hear from you!

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How to Apply


Complete the online application *


Fill in the name, number and email address of the person writing your letter of recommendation.


Pay your $50 application fee


* If you are in the process of conversion, you must supply a rabbinic contact.


Scholarship Awards

Scholarship awards are based on the careful consideration of your application and your letter of recommendation so take your time filling out the essay questions and help us get to know you.

The program fee is $1050 and covers resort accommodations, meals, classes, workshops, tutorials and snorkeling trip. A FULL SCHOLARSHIP covers 100% of the program; you pay only the $50 application fee. A PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP covers 10% to 90% of the program fee; you pay only the balance of the program fee and the $50 application fee. Payment of your balance is due December 19, 2018. Contact us if you need a deferred payment plan.

Travel expenses are not covered by your Scholarship. If you need help finding a good flight, email us or call 718.604.0088.

Deadlines & Application Fee Refunds



The deadline to apply for a FULL SCHOLARSHIP is December 12, 2019. Applications received after December 12, 2019 will be considered for PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS. Keep in mind space is limited so the sooner you apply, the better. You’re also more likely to get the scholarship award you need.



The deadline to apply for a PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP is December 26, 2019. Keep in mind space is limited so the sooner you apply, the better. You’re also more likely to get the scholarship award you need.

Application Fee Refunds

Application fees will only be refunded if the following conditions are met: 1, you withdraw your application by Nov 20, 2019; and 2, if we haven’t given you an answer about your acceptance and/or scholarship yet. If it’s before Nov 20, 2019 and you already received your acceptance and/or scholarship award, you are not eligible for a refund.


Confirmation of Scholarship

Scholarship awards and acceptance notifications are sent from November 6, 2019, onward, by email.  If you’ve already received the email – congratulations! – you must confirm by email or phone within 5 days. By doing so, you are confirming the Student’s Agreement below. Once you confirm, you can go ahead and book your travel into Miami.

Read about what’s on the agendatravelaccommodations and recreation.

Check mark

Student's Agreement

By confirming your attendance, you agree to actively and responsibly participate in Snorkel & Study, which includes attending the main classes.The snorkeling trip is not mandatory. We are drug and alcohol free (except for Kiddush wine) and permission is required to leave the resort property. Students who breach this agreement will be charged $1000 over any payments still due.

Snorkel & Study

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