Barbara Hines

Barbara Hines: Unleashing the Power of Jewish Women

Barbara HInes2

Barbara Hines is a passionate philanthropist, Bais Chana patron and one of the kindest, most gracious women you'll ever meet. She stepped forward at the inception of Snorkel & Study and continues to this day, to give you this incredible, life-changing gift:

One week to study Torah deeply, connect with your Jewish sisters from around the world, and come into your own as a powerful Jewish woman.

If your life is different at the end of Snorkel & Study - if you're prouder to be Jewish, decide to take on a mitzva or two, marry Jewish and raise Jewish kids, it's thanks to the incredible kindness and vision of Barbara Hines.  

Barbara is also an accomplished artist, fusing her own Jewish learning with stunning, thought-provoking multi-media works of art shown in museums around the world.   

To see the rich palette of her artwork, please visit Barbara's site here.

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